Southeastern Site Development provides excellence in all categories of bridge construction techniques whether for cast-in-situ applications or precast construction. We offer the whole range of expertise from preliminary design to execution for balanced cantilever, incremental launching, advanced shoring (MSS), span-by-span techniques and related methods, and maintain a complete range of bridge construction equipment.

Most highway beam bridges are built of concrete and steel.Concrete has good strength to withstand compression (pressing force), but is not as strong under tension (pulling force). In addition, the bridge must be designed to be structurally sound. This involves analyzing the forces that will act on each component of the completed bridge. Three types of loads contribute to these forces. Dead load refers to the weight of the bridge itself. Live load refers to the weight of the traffic the bridge will carry. Environmental load refers to other external forces such as wind, possible earthquake action, and potential traffic collisions with bridge supports. The analysis is carried out for the static (stationary) forces of the dead load and the dynamic (moving) forces of the live and environmental loads.