Southeastern Site Development is one of Atlanta’s premier road building, site development, excavation, utilities, structures, concrete flatwork, and construction contractors working throughout Georgia. From local streets and parking areas to complete site development services for general contractors and municipalities, Southeastern Site Development provides high-quality results at competitive prices backed by decades of proven, local experience.

Southeastern Site Development has an extensive range of services that include:

  • Excavation & Grading – Grading excavation is the process of leveling a road or building site to ensure the ground has an appropriate slope. A grading excavation project requires a qualified grader operator to run the grader tractor. This special tractor uses a large shovel to level the dirt. The operator shaves the dirt to a specific measurement from the surface, which creates a graded area.
  • Roads and Parking Areas – Huge earth-moving machines must be used to create a solid foundation before a road can be built. Without a solid foundation, any road that is built will fail long before its expected lifespan. Southeastern Site Development uses equipment such as bulldozers and graders to create a level surface that will support a road for many years to come.
  • Structures – Southeastern Site Development provides excellence in all categories of bridge construction techniques whether for cast-in-situ applications or precast construction. We offer a whole range of expertise from preliminary design to execution for balanced cantilever, incremental launching, advanced shoring (MSS), span-by-span techniques and related methods, and maintain a complete range of bridge construction equipment.
  • Erosion Control – Erosion controls are used in natural areas, agricultural settings, or urban environments. The controls often involve the creation of a physical barrier, such as vegetation or rock, to absorb some of the energy of the wind or water that is causing the erosion. Southeastern Site Development implements erosion control in conjunction with sediment controls such as sediment basins and silt fences. Our team of workers is trained in the most effective erosion control methods. We will make a plan to slow the movement of water.
  • Building Pads – A building pad is a raised area of ground that has been compacted by the weight of a bulldozer. It is used in preparation for a foundation. Southern Site Development knows that proper site pad development is essential. It helps to ensure that your slab is properly installed and protected. We will shape the topsoil up to the pad to give it a nice even taper on all four sides. This taper will redirect water around your structure.
  • Sidewalks & Curbs – Nothing supports a newly paved asphalt road or parking lot better than properly structured concrete curbs, islands, and sidewalks. Southeastern Site Development’s flexibility is well suited to the site details of your next concrete project.
  • Underground Utilities – Installing underground utilities that function properly and remain structurally sound for decades requires accuracy and precision, combined with state-of-the-art technology. Southeastern Site Development has state-of-the-art equipment and proven experience to handle any underground utility or drainage project that enables our underground install experts to deliver exceptional results down to the smallest detail.
  • Soil & Concrete – Southeastern Site Development also offers different types of soil and concrete to be picked up. The availability of products is subject to change. Please call to confirm our hours of operation.