Excavation and Grading

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Building lots and roads must be built on a carefully planned slope and elevation. Grading excavation is the process of leveling a road or building site to ensure the ground has appropriate slope. This excavation process requires the use of large heavy equipment, tractors, and excavating tools to assist operators in creating a well-graded area.

Southeastern Site Development uses engineered design techniques to build these lots and roads. This includes leveling software and hardware that measures slope over a large area.

Grading excavation is a skill that requires special training and experience. We use measurement devices and markers to identify the amount of ground to be removed at specific locations on the lot or road. Once the area has been marked appropriately, the equipment operator can begin grading.

An excavation and grading project requires qualified operators to run the grader tractor. This special tractor uses a large shovel to level the area. The shovel is located between the front and rear wheels of the tractor and enables the operator to shave the dirt to a specific measurement from the surface, which creates the desired grade.

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